As any true software development company, a decision must be made about what technologies, tools and patterns to adopt.

So yes, we are Microsoft folks. We love MS products and development tools, so we have been using them for more than 20 years now.

Of course we can develop for iOS and for Android and for macOS (formerly OSX) on lot of languages and platforms. We can code on any NET language, common Java, android Java, Objective C, even PHP, including CSS/Js and HTML 5

But when a platform decision has to be made, our heart is with MS, as we deliver our best using Visual Studio, Windows Server, SQL Server and all flavors of Windows


There is a lot of differences between a software company and a consultancy firm and not smaller of them is how modern technologies are used.

We always use the last and best platforms, languages, tools and patterns continuous improvement. Software development world is a fast moving one and we are always learning and improving

This is the only way to build modern and quality software


Just some of our beloved customers. Not all, not less but always the best!